Yeah so you bought a realistic silicone and TPE sex doll recently and would like to know the best and cheapest places to buy sex doll clothing please? Here we will guide you for that.

1. second-hand stores/ thrift stores

A lot of people go to second-hand stores for that. As well as being inexpensive, this has the advantage that the clothes have usually been very well washed, which makes them less likely to stain, especially if your doll is made from TPE.

You must have patience and visit weekly as to do.

Sometimes you find nothing, or it does not fit what you would like to have and then look it up online. But the key word is to buy nothing too soon and look forward patiently

Thrift stores are great sometimes depending on which ones you go to. Some of them charge higher prices than what you can find for new, so beware.

2. sex doll vendors/Sex doll manufactures

Some doll vendors sell doll-sized clothing, but the prices I’ve seen advertised tend to be about twice what you’d pay for something similar from a store for humans.

Also, if you buy from sex doll manufactures derectly , you can ask that they sell clothing for related doll or not. They usually provide a random nightgown for free. Maybe the sales are nice to help buy all clothing you need, then packing inside with the doll together and ship by courier. Like you buy from jenya sextoydoll, we could help you with dolls clothing on your request.

3. E-bay/ Amazon/ DHgate

You have not purchased any ladies clothing by yourself, but your past experience with DHGate has been positive. The advantage of Chinese retailers is that their sizes are closer to dolls’. For example, your doll Ann’s UK size 6 / XS is a Chinese “Medium”. Chinese sizing can go down to “their” XXS, which would make your doll look positively lardy. The prices are also (generally) very reasonable.

You can managed to find quite a lot of suitable clothing on E-bay/ Amazon/ Wamart/ online as well.

If youre looking for some sexy slut wear for your realistic sex doll, check out Great cheap prices and a lot of their stuff is one size and stretchy. You may also like Lots of good cheap finds there. Also check out cheap and lots of variety. The only thing that you would find difficult to source is “decent” (i.e. lacy and feminine) bras. The “proper” bras seem to start at 32, and unluckily your doll Anne is a 30C.

4. modify or custom made

Of course, it also depends on the size of the doll; most of them are on the small side for adult women, especially in Europe and North America. Thus, much of the human clothing that fits will be sized for teenagers or even children, depending on the doll. If you want sexy lingerie, you might need to get it custom made or modify something that’s too big. Of course, that might not be such a big deal; a robe or dress will just hang a little lower than it would on a taller woman or doll.

Finally, It is better you had purchased a couple dozen outfits before your realistic sex dolls even arrived. Her manufacturer did list her measurements on their website, such as 68cm 64cm 81cm (bust, waist, hip) and from various online clothing charts that puts her at a size xs-s or skirt size 0-2 and dress size 2-4 U.S. and youth size 12. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to put the clothes on her….be sure they have a full length zipper in the back or buttons in the front.