In, we only sell TPE sex dolls. But in order to help you make the best decision, here we are going to tell the differences between TPE vs Silicon Sex Dolls:

1. what is TPE

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, sometimes known as thermoplastic rubbers. It is made from mixing polymers such as a plastic and a rubber, which consists of materials with both thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber) properties.

TPE is a kind of plastic that can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and it is very soft. It is fairly popular material used in everyday items because it can be used to make items that possess rubber like features but still utilize the efficiency of current injection molding techniques making it more economical.

2. what is silicone

Silicone is a polymer. It is typically heat resistant and rubber like so have a wide range of application such as in lubricants, medicine, glue, cooking utensils etc. It can come in many forms but the one that we see in silicone dolls is silicone rubber.

Silicone rubber can be very soft or very firm depending on how it is formulated and is very good at retaining its original shape even under extreme pressure. It is also very resistant to heat so can be boiled to sterilize it and is highly inert since it does not react with most chemicals (explain why it is used in medical implants).

3. Which doll is better for you?

Since sex Dolls can be made of TPE or Silicone material. So it is silicone or tpe doll and a list or link to see options and pricing is necessary to custom a sex doll.

Here will guide flesh men to find the best silicone and TPE sex dolls they want as quickly as possible.

(1) TPE sex doll

1. A TPE doll is softness

There are a majority of options to build a TPE or silicone ladies, fist of all is to confirm the material between TPE and solid. Here we take hollow and solid breast for example.

sex doll hollow VS solid breast while comparing apple to apple.

. From visual:

There is no any difference in here, you can’t tell which one is hollow or solid breast by visual.

. From touch feeling:

Solid breast is harder touching feeling than hollow breast, hollow breast is much too softer and more lifelike.

Hollow breast easily change its shape when has been grasped.

. From sexual intercourse:

Breasts and buttocks will wobble when you rock your tpe sex doll back and forth. Hollow breast will soft real skin touch feeling than solid one. Because hollow breast is lighter, two breasts will wiggle easier. Exspecially like doggie style, missionary position and female on top and so on.

2. TPE Dolls are much cheaper (generally from $500 to $2.000)

3. TPE doll is soft and elastic texture, providing a very life-like touch. It is more realistic.

· Material is more elastic which makes the tpe dolls more flexible and can therefor handle more sex positions.

4. TPE doll is good at waterproof.

· Compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants

· It is a porous material, which means that it is more sensitive to stains from clothes. (In, we include a stain removal cream in every order).

· As it is porous it retains humidity, so after cleaning it you must make sure that it is perfectly dry to avoid mold in the long term.

5. TPE doll is more sensible to heat.

TPE can start losing its consistency or melting when reaching more than 104º Fahrenheit (40ºC)

Softness and wobbling test on our TPE sex Dolls.


(2) silicone sex doll

· Non-porous, so it will not get stained from clothes. It is easier to clean

· It doesn’t retain humidity. It can be sterilized using boiling water. (like a baby bottle).

· It is less sensitive to heat

· More expensive (from $2.000 to <$5.000)

· Not as soft as TPE, feels more dense and stiff to touch. Not very life-like. It is good for as fashion clothes model.

· Buttocks and breasts will not wobble when you rock your doll back and forth.

· Silicone is not the most durable polymer

(3) TPE or Silicone Doll?

1. What is your budget?

If you have low budget, you should choose a TPE sex doll. If your budget is higher than $2000, you can consider getting a silicone love doll.

2. Do you want to have hot baths with your doll?

TPE material should never be exposed to temperatures higher than 104º Fahrenheit (40ºC). This temperature is warm enough to enjoy a bath, but you should be extra careful if you decide getting a TPE doll into your bathtub. Silicone dolls will not have this problem, so you could have extra hot baths.

2. Are you willing to dry well the holes after using your doll?

In both TPE vs Silicone dolls you have to clean after ejaculating inside their holes. You should flush off with a water pump (we provide one with every order) and then dry well with a cloth or inserting tampons. TPE dolls should be cleaned more thoroughly than silicone ones. If you want your TPE doll to last long, you have to dry all the cavities before storing her.

plus, back to the topic that we can not say which material is totally good or bad. To buy a High Quality Full Silicon Bodied Love Doll or TPE premium quality real sex dolls, You will have to be guided depending on your budget and your preferences.