Some tips for using a lifelike sex doll will share with you here.


This doll is very high quality and made of TPE material, which is same as solid silicone. The material there is a metallic skeleton inside. Also, it is close to heavy as real human. You will like it because it is softer and very real skin touch feeling. You download here then can watch some beautiful real photos:


They are full body size with having 3 holes as same as real human body, so it is possible to fuck these dolls and cum inside. If you are very interested in the doll, you can watch a full details of the body and all holes in detail inside here. You can find pictures from her intimate part.


You may see a small size young girl doll here, but their vagina is 15cm deep. However, medium size doll vagina is 18 cm deep. So if the penis is about 8 inch {20 cm}, is that a problem? If the cock is realy big. In fact, it is not a problem. 20cm cock will fit 15cm vagina without pain, because the vagina deepth and width can expand to be 5.5 times of the size because It is flexible. 18cm vagina is 3cm bigger than 13cm vagina, you may like 140cm-170cm dolls better If you like to bang hard and deep.


That is not necessarry to use a condom if you think it is better not. You can use a lubricant on waterbase to enter the vagina if you do not like a condom.if you cum inside the doll, and you may have extreamly more cum, the cum will stay at vagina. So if you do not like a condom, it is better to have a doll with removaale vagina, which is easier to get clean than fixed vagina.


You can putt your boy in her mouth too, and the cum will stay in her mouth. That is possible because her mouth is a hole 13cm deep.


If you like kissing her feet, you may like natural feet more than stand feet. If not so, you may like stand feet more, because she can stand by herself. And the hands of the dolls are flexible. The right doll you like can make her hand around your dick, so it looks she masturbate you.


You should clean the doll after fuck and cum in her. And it is easy to do the cleaning works for her. For the whole doll body, you can bath her by water with shower gel. And for the vagina, mouth and ass, It is easy to get cleaned through using our free cleaning device by water with shower gel as well. Then pls get some talcum powder on her whole body after it get dry. It is not necessary to clean her vagina by alcohol for one doll one user. If more than one user( it is better not), the tweezers takes some sterilized cotton dipping low concentration alcohol to clean vagina, mouth and ass.


If you have any concern or good ideas, welcome to share with us by email or online.