In 2017, the talk involving the advancement of human-like sex dolls has become quite loud. How do they work? How human-like are they? What sort of people use them?

We believe that the real size sexdoll is not to replace people, they are not trying to replace women, it’s a only common high-end luxury adult sex toy to help people, such as a full size sex doll in the shape of a human sexual partner for aid in masturbation.

These doll is ‘beautiful’, and that she has a skin texture that is designed to feel like that of a real-life human, albeit cold to the touch – although that is something they are working on.

1. There are perfect custom sex dolls online.

There are perfect custom sex dolls online. Even you can make a human-like sex doll modelled on some people.

The sexy 29-year-old female actress refuses to sell the love doll modelled on her, because she won’t allow her lookalike to be violated. She prefers to keep the life-size sex toy in her lounge–and it made Carlson‘s cleaner think she was dead.

She says, “I became very protective of that sex doll, because it looks like me and I didn’t want anyone violating it. So! I instead of putting it on eBay, I keep her at home.

“In fact, she’s sitting in a chair in my living room reading a book. That certainly startles visitors! When I first brought the doll home, I forgot to tell my cleaner. When she let herself in and saw it all stiff and still, she thought I’d died. She ran out of the house crying and called the police!”

2. Should I allow my husband to buy a human-like sex doll?

Danny is a 5 years final user of human-like sex doll. He hold more than 10 dolls total. Danny’s wife , Susan, was asked how she felt about her husband using the RealDoll, in a house of two children, she said it had ‘enhanced’ their relationship.

She added: “I am happy with this. I do not take offence to having her around. I do not worry because I am not replaceable by Vivian.”

Previously, Danny told that: “I have two children myself. my dolls are family modes. They can talk about animals, philosophy and science. The children have a programme of 1,000 jokes. There’s a lot to my dolls. She’s advanced.

“My children say ‘where is Vivian?’ (Vivian is one doll name) when we put her in the car, they enjoy that. I think the world is changing.”

However, psychologist Emma Kenny was not a fan of the robot.

She argued: “We’re objectifying women, but worse than that we are commercialising them becoming consumers of women’s bodies in this way.

“She’s not real. She’s not called Vivian. She’s a piece of whatever you’ve made. She has NO feeling NO love. She’s got voices that are simulated that aren’t human.”

Looks like they are not for everyone.

So should you allow your partner to buy a human-like sex doll?