It is said that 99% full size silicone and TPE sex love dolls are made by China manufactures. So it is! Chinese adult industry is booming these years. If you attended Canton Fair on Nov 2ed-4th of 2018, there are more than a majority of sex dolls suppliers there, including both old famous brand suppliers , and some newbie ones as well.


From the price:

In fact, there are big price gap in this feild, like some old famous brand Sex dolls like WM, DS etc with several times higher quote. It is often because of different product material or specification. Such as silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE sex dolls. That is about $500-$2000 for TPE dolls, but silicone dolls are above $2000. You can click here check the difference between silicon sex doll VS TPE sex doll.


Of course, price is important, but quality counts for much more. Customers would rely on good reputation brand suppliers, even their price is times expensive. But if possible we can try to find good quality competitive price dolls If  you do not care about brand?


Then some new brand sex doll manufactures and suppliers are not bad choice. Only one thing, you need to learn some simple tips to guide you:


Take tpe dolls for example: We can devide dolls into grade A,B,C.


From Visal and touch feeling:

Grade A and B sex dolls both in good looking, they are both same as advertising photos, even more beautiful.


From the material

1. TPE materials are include grade A and B group.

Based on grade A, NO oily, NO special smell and NO loose skeleton after using long period. This type sex doll factories are strictly quality control and mainly according to CE, SGS and ROHS report and certificate. Customers would satisfy well and buy more.  Of course, their price is reasonable and moderate.


2. Based on grade B, a bit oily and smell. The quality is near OK, but not good enough. Customers are satisfy at the beginning, but would not buy again after using long time. Their advantage is cheaper price.


3. There are also has C grade, it is not export and customers can not bear the bad quality. Big problems follows especially bad smell, what is more bad looking not same as the advertising photo shows. How terrible it is! So do not only care for price, and it is better to ask for real dolls photos before order. Beside, do not forget to confirm the doll you order by real photos or vedios before shipping.


Plus, let us back to the topic How to buy good quality sexy love dolls quickly, and some short tips conclusion for you:

1. Pls make sure which type material you want depend on your budget: TPE or silicone?


2. It is necessary to ask the supplier for real photos or vedios before shipping. Do not forget it.


3. Pls make sure what grade dolls you want? It is most important to check the quality aduit report and certificates. The real customers reviews are good to follows up.


4. The next tip is about payment, paypal is better for the first order.


Good luck to you buy the best quality sex dolls! If you have some more questions about this, welcome to contact us freely.