1. How is China Sex toy manufactures going on?

China sex toy is estimated to make more than 80 percent of the world’s adult toys, with over a million people employed in the country’s $6.6 billion industry.

The big market demand all over the world makes China sex doll lines bombing these years. As one of growing fast China sex doll manufactures, our company makes 400 custom dolls per month, up from 10 in 2009. We began research into this type sex toys in 2015 and now employs 120 people.

Why are there so big local and overseas markets? Because it is a factor shortage of women for both sex pleasure and companion partners in why there’s this demand. For example, our customers include single young and older men but also married one even couples.

2. what type life-sized sex dolls are most popular?

There are for “traditional” sex dolls in our factory warehouse, the buyers can customise each doll for height, skin tone, breast size, amount of pubic hair, eye colour and hair colour etc. You can buy the sex doll as the advertising pictures show as well.

However, the most popular sex dolls have pale skin, disproportionately swelled breasts and measure between 158cm and 170cm (that is five feet two and five feet seven) tall.

3. Are childlike sex dolls illegal or not?

When comes whether mini size or small sex doll are supposed to resemble children, the Chinese sex doll industry was not banned because some customers prefer “less heavy” and “more portable” dolls, and what is more they are much more cheaper. For exampl, 100cm short sex doll price rang about $499 with shipping include to the USA.

4. If I can afford to buy a real sex doll?

Of course, users can control the $500-$4,000 for a life-sized sex doll. NO doubt $4000 is for that intelligen talking sex doll with a phone app or by giving it oral instructions and warm body function — much pricier than the traditional sex dolls that the company sells for as little as $499-$2000 with shipping.

5. How do you think of life-size sex doll?

On Chinese social media, some say the realistic sex dolls reinforce sexist stereotypes while others, calling themselves ‘friends of dolls’, share user reviews on dedicated online forums.

“When sex robots become more technologically advanced, will men prefer to use them instead of real women?” one commenter on the Twitter-like Weibo platform wrote.

Others, calling themselves “friends of dolls”, share user reviews and advice on dedicated online forums.

“The material is quite good, very soft to the touch. When I hold her I feel very comfortable. She makes my lonely melt off .” one anonymous user said in a review of a standard sex doll on e-commerce platform Taobao.

Anyway, life-sized sex toy is one of good alternative adult toys. only one thing, more good quality with much cheaper will be better, right?