Guidelines, Instructions and Maintenance

  • TPE material is soft and flexible so the product’s shape may change during packing and transportation. In such a case, apply a warm towel or use the soft setting on the air dryer while waving the dryer. The shape will recover very
  • In case of allergies to any rubber products, please wear protection prior to
  • This product is made from TPE outer material and inner metal skeleton. The products have undergone rigorous testing and temperature treatments and are safe for the body


  • Inspect and clean the product thoroughly once or twice per month for best
  • Use warm or cold water washing. Do not use hot
  • Use soap suds or diluted soap water for cleaning. Do not use alcohol, disinfectors, and acid-based
  • If storing for over several days, it is advisable to put baby powder on the surface of the product to protect from dust and maintain


  • In case of cuts or breaks, clean the cut first and dry it. Then apply TPE glue as

General Notes

  • Avoid scratching any part of the
  • The product can withstand up to 330lbs or 150kg of weight
  • Keep in dry, cool environment. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity for extended periods of
  • Avoid leaving colored garments on the product for extended periods of
  • The product is designed according to human anatomy. Bend, move, and positions