Q1: Are the sex doll safe and healthy? Any test for them?
A1: Our sex dolls are made from top quality Medical TPE material(same as sex toys & products material)with a metal skeleton inside, which ensures great durability.
Our dolls pass CE, SGS, ROHS test and guaranteed TOXIC-FREE, that means do not cause any harm or irritation to human skin or illness.

Q2: How to customize a sexy girl love doll?
A2: Customizing your own real-life love doll is easy and fun. Just do as below to begin customizing your love doll:
1. Select your choice of sex doll body style-

  • big breast/small breast/flat chest of A cup to Huge breast available.
  • Small Size/Mid-Size/Large&Tall-Size

2. choose the head for your love doll.
3. choose your real sexy doll skin color
4. choose the eyes color of your sex doll
5. choose your sex dolls wig
6. choose your love dolls toenail and fingernail color
7. make your choice of fixed or removable vagina
8. choose to have pubic hair or none
9. choose if you prefer regular feet or stand-up-feet that allow your doll to stand on herself.
10. choose extra sound/heat function if you like.

Wonderful! You have built your very own life-size sex doll and she is uniquely yours. Contact us to confirm your order then make your payment and your sex doll move to production! Soon your real doll will reach you home soon and you can do whatever you like with your dream luxury doll.

Besides, to have a different custom sex doll each day of the week just by changing out her head! A new head completely changes the personality of your love doll with a few faces. Buying extra sex doll heads is a very affordable way to have quite another sex doll.

Q3: Are the realistic sex dolls same as real women?
A3: Our dolls are made of solid TPE(not cheap inflatable love dolls or blow up sex dolls):
they are designed to provide realistic sexual pleasure, allowing full penetration via the anus, vagina and also oral sex function.
they are soft lifelike real skin touch feeling and the body figures look exactly like fantasy sex model.
their joints are made of the metal skeleton inside, which are high flexibility and reusability.
The experience is like having sex with a full human body size partner, who can even be voice sound and warm body temperature
extra intelligent function as well for your choose.

So the dolls are sure to give you unforgettable sex experience with all sorts of sexual poses.

Q4: Are the adult sex dolls easy to clean? How to maintain the love dolls?
A4: Our sex dolls are waterproof. You can enjoy a bath with her together. Or you can just clean vaginal hole with warm water after using.
we suggest cleaning the real doll body with mild shower foam every 30 days.
Pls taken cleaned separately, and use the mild shampoo to wash the wig, and let it dry itself naturally.
Pls keep the head away from water, and use the wet towel to gently clean the face. You can make up on your doll and dress her if like.

When the sex doll body skin becomes sticky, please use bath powder or powder to make it dry. We suggest not spray perfume on the doll in case of damage the doll skin. For more instructions, pls check out our Care and Maintenance page.

Q5: What is the life expectancy of the sexy doll?
A5: It can be 5-10 years depending on care and maintenance.

Q6: How do I store my real sex doll?
A6: Just store your doll in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat or humidity. Our dolls are amazingly beautiful, the doll lifetime depending on how you take care of her. The very best way to store her is to lay her on her back or memory foam with legs and arms slightly apart. Please do not let heavy object on her and avoid strong long time sunshine directly as well.

Q7: How long will my sex doll reach my home? Do you ship everywhere?
A7: We offer Fast and Free shipping with Discreet Packing in common carton box.
Dolls require 3-7 working days for production + about 7 days for shipping by UPS/FedEx/DHL/EMS = 2-3 weeks total to reach your home.

We mainly ship to the USA, European Countries, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, but DO NOT ship to Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Middle Eastern countries. Please contact us by email for other countries buyer.

Q8: What is your payment term?
A8: We accept Bank Transfer, Paypal and Western Union payment.

Q9: How to be reseller/distributor/wholesaler?

We were often been asked: do you sell just one unit of this doll? I will be a reseller. I want to test the market in New Zealand first. I’m planning on taking quality photos and videos of the dolls. If I find that indeed there is a viable market here I will increase demand. In fact, it is two good choice for reseller/distributor/wholesaler.

Take our factory example, Resellers could buy samples first to test the market. If they find that indeed there is a viable market, then they could make a bulk order. If not, resellers could make drop shipping as well, that is customer purchases sex doll items from seller and the seller sends order details to the supplier, then supplier ships order to customers, then the seller pay drop shipper, finally customer receives the order. It is very convenient for the reseller.

Some of our partner/agents, they would like to drop shipping. They only in charge of taking good care of their retail stores or online stores.